Possets – Libby, the Halloween Black Cat

Perfume: Libby, the Halloween Black Cat
House: Possets
Source: Possets
Size: 5mL

Notes: coconut, licorice, blood orange, sugar

Date: 10/25/08 Weather: 64 degrees, rainy

Comments: Starts with an orange oil blast. Then the black jellybean note appears, swallowing the orange oil in 20 minutes. The combination of the orange oil and black jellybean, in the meantime, works shockingly well. Dries down to a slightly fruity vanilla with a healthy lacing of licorice. Reads very floral. Really like this scent. Didn’t last as long as I expected – gone in 6 hours.

Date: 12/13/08 Weather: 35 degrees, sunny

Comments: Licorice and orange. Pretty strong on the licorice and a bit of vanilla. Very soothing. Faded quickly – about 4 hours.


~ by Wendy Wickham on October 26, 2008.

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