Parfums de Rosine – La Rose de Rosine

Perfume: La Rose de Rosine
House: Parfums de Rosine
Perfumer: Maurice Schaller (source: Octavian Coifan, 1000 fragrances)
Source: Swap – ComDiva
Size: 1.5 mL

Luscious Cargo Notes:
Head – Violet, marigold, ylang ylang, roses.
Heart – Rose, jasmine, iris.
Base – Tonka bean, benzoin resin, Peruvian balsam.

Date: 8/21/08 Weather: 74 degrees, sunny

Comments: Starts with a fruity/waxy rose. Then the top strips away and it becomes a very green mossy chypre. Took a 45 minute walk to the Metro and noticed that I was now wearing a spicy rose. Got to work, made some coffee and now I’m wearing a balsamic /vanillic musk with a hint of violet and rose. A serious shape-shifter this one. Stays with the balsamic / vanillic musk with violets and rose for the duration. Gone in 4 hours.

Date: 11/23/08 Weather: 38 degrees, sunny

Comments: Wearing this with the remains of the Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose. Not a good idea. This perfume smells like a fluoride treatment as a result of the shared smells. Orange-“flavor” (but really medicinal). Yuck. Couldn’t keep it on long enough to let it evolve. Showered and scrubbed after 1 hour.

Date: 5/3/09 Weather: 57 degrees, rainy

Comments: Very astringent “rose.” Almost chemical. Could be a result of my allergies, but this is really horrible. Not sure what happened to the beauty when I first wore it – because the last 2 wearings have been incredibly disappointing (at best).

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~ by Wendy Wickham on August 21, 2008.

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