Possets – Epinoia

Perfume: Epinoia
House: Possets
Source: Possets
Size: 1mL

Notes: cocoa, citrus, spice, vanilla

Date: 8/8/08 Weather: 75 degrees, sunny

Comments: Dark chocolate with a hint of orange rind and a touch of cinnamon. Gets a bit more vanillic as it dries down. Couldn’t smell it after 2 hours.

Date: 9/20/08 Weather: 68 degrees, sunny

Comments: Still dark chocolate with a hint of orange rind. Barely smelling this through a vicious cold – but it remains relatively true despite that.

Date: Thanksgiving Weekend, 2008 Weather: 65 degrees, cloudy, damp

Comments: Cocoa powder and a hint of chocolate. Could read as a bit fecal in the wrong environment (one where you have been smelling light florals with high sillage in the environment all weekend). Chose this as my “Thanksgiving meal” scent. Worked beautifully. Very true cocoa smell with moderate sillage. Gone after 3 hours of wear.

~ by Wendy Wickham on August 8, 2008.

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