Mythos Mixtures – Suriel

Perfume: Suriel
House: Mythos Mixtures
Source: Mythos Mixtures
Size: 1mL oil

Notes: Dark incense, cloves, patchouli, smoky vanilla and honeysuckle.

Date: 7/30/08 Weather: 79 degrees and oppressive

Comments: Way too heavy for today!!!! Starts with strong orange oil, sharp amber and the weird nutty note that occasionally makes an appearance in independent fragrances (AL Loukhoum, Montale’s Red Aoud). Why does that nutty note hate me so much???? Thankfully, the nutty note burns off within 15 minutes and it becomes an orange and clove amber (a VERY strong one). About an hour in, it picks up a chewing gum note (Trident Original – with its weird blend of mint, cinnamon and possible teaberry). Then back to orange, cloves and amber. Finally starts to fade after 4 hours. 5 hours in – woody orange with a bit of patchouli and clove.
Lingers here for another 6 hours before finally giving up.

Evil Enablers

~ by Wendy Wickham on July 31, 2008.

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