Fragonard – Confidentiel Apres Tout

Perfume: Confidential Apres Tout
House: Fragonard
Source: Swap – ComDiva
Size: 1.5 mL Spray

Now Smell This Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Sicilian Bergamot, Essence of Rose de Mai, violet, raspberry, crystal rose absolute, oakmoss, amber, musk

Date: 7/22/08 Weather: 81 degrees, muggy

Comments: Top is a beautiful clear rose. A clean musk note with a hint of vanilla appears within 5 minutes of application. As it dries down, the musk gets stronger and soapier. Took this out for a walk in 80+ degree opressive humidity. Held together quite nicely. Didn’t get so strong that I was overpowered by perfume. Also didn’t sweat off. After the walk – a soapy musk. Not my favorite note, but in this it is not particularly annoying. The musk softens significantly after 4 hours and the vanilla note strengthens. It was still going as a soft vanilla musk over 12 hours later! Finally gone the next morning.

Date: 4/10/09 Weather: 60 degrees, sunny

Comments: Starts off as a clean, vanilla and bergamot laced rose. Gets a bit soapy between minutes 20 and 90. Essentially smells like a really nice rose soap. On the final drydown, roses, vanilla, a hint of violets. Very pretty. Only lasted about 6 hours on the wrist. On the chest, however – picking up a strong oakmoss / rose / musk combination. Rub to reactivate. Interesting.

Date: 5/19/09 Weather: 53 degrees, cloudy

Comments: Roses and violets. Quickly evolves to Rose soap. Gets soapier. By the end (which comes very quickly – less than 4 hours), soap soap. Seems to get soapier with each wearing. Wish that pretty top would continue for the duration. Reminds me of Guerlain Insolence.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on July 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fragonard – Confidentiel Apres Tout”

  1. Hi! I’m a fan of this perfume Fragonard Confidentiel Apres Tout for several years now, but it is no longer for sale in Singapore. Do you know which website sell this perfume and can send my international mail? If you do know, would appreciate if you can send me some details….many thanks! Cheers! Sharon…

  2. It is lovely. Unfortunately, I got this as a part of a swap and have no clue where to get more. And the swapper got this from a friend who went to France. Sorry about that.

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