Donna Karan – Gold

Perfume: Gold
House: Donna Karan
Perfumer: Calice Becker
Source: Beauty Encounter
Size: 1 mL spray

OsMoz Notes:
Top: Casablanca Lily, Acacia, White Clove
Middle: Gold Pollen, Jasmine Templar
Base: Fluid Amber, Patchouli, Golden Balsams

Date: 6/15/08 Weather: 83 degrees, sunny, humid

Comments: JASMINE! Green, indolic, cool. Nothing really tempering the jasmine. And I am completely missing the lily that the other reviewers pick up. Either that, or I’m expecting something more vanillic and spicy as “lily”. Becomes slightly greener and “fresher” as it dries down, but still Jasmine. After 90 minutes, start smelling some balsam and amber with the jasmine. The green coolness of it makes it a great summer scent. But I get the feeling I am really missing something here.

Date: 9/27/08 Weather: 70 degrees, cloudy

Comments: Lily – the flower. Very green. Some jasmine in here. After 90 minutes, getting the balsam. No amber this time. Pretty much gone in 3 hours.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on June 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “Donna Karan – Gold”

  1. Sakecat, were you trying the edp or edt? I have both, and find them different enough to regard each separately. I am also looking at your weather notes, and as it turns out, today I was decanting edp for a friend and realized I was having a new experience. Low 40’s in mid-afternoon, all out autumn here…and the edp is creamy and lush. Much less green.

    My nose, your mileage may vary, of course. Just thought you might like to ponder…

  2. I’m working with the EdT version. I really need to be clearer on which version I am working with since that also impacts what things smell like. I do find that the weather notes, and anything else in my environment have a huge impact on what I smell with a perfume at any given point. May need to find the EdP……

  3. Sakecat, I’d be happy to send you a samp of the edp. I’ve certainly had plenty of fun reading your project over these few months. Send me a note, and I’ll get some your way.

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