Liz Zorn / Soivohle – Domino Viole / DVO-08

Perfume: Domino Viole
Perfumer: Liz Zorn
Source: Soivohle
Size: 1mL

Notes (appx.): green, violet, balsamic

Date: 4/12/08 Weather: 80 degrees, clear, humid

Comments: Starts woods / chemicals. After the nose searing (which seems to last for about 15 minutes), dries down to a nice and interesting incensey balsamic. I suspect the nose searing at the top is the result of my recent craving for vintage Guerlains. Need to wear this again to see if the top and heart improve.

Retired 5/25/08 – Swap to TaoLady

~ by Wendy Wickham on April 12, 2008.

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