Guerlain – Jicky

Perfume: Jicky
House: Guerlain
Source: The Perfume Court
Size: 1mL EdT

OsMoz Notes:
Top note : Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Rosewood
Middle note : Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose, Orris
Base note : Vanilla, Civet, Leather, Vetiver

Date: 2/25/08 Weather: 38 degrees, clear

Comments: Starts woody and green. A piney note (maybe the lemon?). After 3 minutes, becomes slightly powdery and sweeter. There is a “freshness” to this one that is ridiculously appealing. Vanilla and flowers begin to make an appearance 15 minutes in. 1.5 hours in – more floral, still slightly powdery with vetiver and a bit of leather. 2.5 hours in – vetiver, vanilla, flowers, hint of leather (just enough to make it interesting). Also becomes close-wearing. Develops a slight soapy note 3.5 hours in, but still a close-wearing vetiver, vanilla leather. 4.5 hours in – saddle leather with a bit of saddle soap. Pretty much gone at this point unless I stick nose to wrist and concentrate really hard. There is a vanilla/leather scent coming up from my shirt, though that is really fabulous. My favorite Guerlain so far.

Date: 5/29/08 Weather: 70 degrees, sunny

Comments: I heart this stuff. Lavender, then the Guerlinade. I’ve worn it a few times at night between the last date and this one and continue to be floored by how much I love the lavender top and the vanillic drydown. Wish it lasted longer – still get only 4.5 hours out of an application. A full bottle is definitely in my future since I’m practically down to my last drops and want more.

Date: 12/21/08 Weather: 40 degrees, sunny

Comments: Lavender and guerlainade. Green, spicy, picking up a hint of leather this time. Is close wearing – even in the early going.

Date: 2/25/09 Weather: 43 degrees, sunny

Comments: Lavender and spices and musk. Get a leathery note. Little guerlainade. Still disappears quickly.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on February 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Guerlain – Jicky”

  1. re-apply like MAD or find some Parfum, which is strnger, more lasting and much naughtier.

    This is one of my summer favorites too. Inbetween the dirty bits, it’s relaxingly sexy.

  2. I may have to try the Parfum, but I’ll admit, I like the EdT as it is. I’m not sure I’d want my Jicky dirtier. And reapplication is not a hardship 😉

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