Hermes – Eau des Merveilles

Perfume: Eau des Merveilles
House: Hermes
Source: The Perfume Court
Size: 1 mL

Perfume Court Notes: Top Notes – vetiver, oak, cedar. Middle Notes – ambergris. Base Notes – lemon, orange, elemi, pink pepper.

Date: 2/10/08 Weather: 37 degrees, windy

Comments: Light aquatic floral. Interesting since there seem to be very little floral in the notes. Some woods. The “pink pepper” note. Seems to disappear very quickly (within 30 minutes). Either that or there are too many other scents in my environment today (bacon, incense, BF’s cigarettes). Very light – may need to try this in a more scent-neutral environment. Struck me as a nice, light woody floral. After disappearing for 30 minutes – develops a spicy, woody amber note. Very close to the skin. Inoffensive to the point of boring. A perfume to wear when I don’t feel like wearing perfume.

Date: 3/5/08 Weather: 40 degrees, clear

Comments: Still wears like an aquatic floral on me. Slightly woody, slightly green. I’m smelling a healthy dose of vanilla (Guerlainish) – but I have a feeling that’s my clothing and not the perfume. There’s a slight citrus note that appears about 30 minutes in. Then – gone. Gave up and layered Hiris over it.

Retired – swap to TWolf
Bois de Jasmin
Now Smell This
Diversy Grand

~ by Wendy Wickham on February 10, 2008.

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