Ayala Moriel – Finjan

Perfume: Finjan
Perfumer: Ayala Sender
Source: Ayala Moriel
Size: 1mL

Notes: Balsam Tolu, Blood Orange, Cardamom Cinnamon , Clove Bud, Coffee Absolute Coriander, Honey Absolute , Jasmine Grandiflorum Rose Maroc, Sweet Orange

Date: mid December Weather: 35 degrees, cloudy

Comments: Strong clove/medicine/rubber galoshes note that works its way through the dry down. Also reminds me of olives. Then back to cloves. Thankfully, the whole thing doesn’t last long.

Date: 3/14/08 Weather: 46 degrees, damp

Comments: Smells like olives, dangit!!!! Grrr! Why doesn’t this smell like coffee on me?!?!?! Sprayed CSP Vanille Amande over it. Now it ALMOST smells like a spicy coffee scent. The combo is like a hazelnut coffee (from 7-11) with lots of milk and sugar. Though I think that is more the CSP than the Ayala Moriel. Grrrrr……


Retired – Swap to Taolady 3/14/08

~ by Wendy Wickham on February 5, 2008.

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