Ineke – Chemical Bonding

Perfume: Chemical Bonding
Perfumer: Ineke
Source: Ineke
Size: 1.5 Spray

Notes: smooth, citrus cocktail, tea, blackberry, dewy peony, vetiver, amber, powdery musk

Date: 12/10/07 Weather: 45 degrees, drizzly

Comments: Starts with a pleasant enough clean citrus scent. Develops a clean green scent. Significant sillage on this one that lasts a long time. At end, soapy. Office appropriate, but nothing I would race out to buy. Dislike the soapy end after 5 hours.

Date: 12/30/07 – 1/3/08 Myrtle Beach, SC trip

Comments: Clean citrus and tea. Still get lots of sillage on movement. Still nothing special but workable at office. Finding this performs better in the heat.

Swap full vial to Ms. Taolady – 4/18/08.
Remains of 2nd vial in the office.

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A Minx by Any Other Name
Perfume Shrine

~ by Wendy Wickham on February 3, 2008.

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