DSH – Sweet Dreams

Perfume: Sweet Dreams
Perfumer: Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
Source: DSH – Essense Oils
Size: 1mL

Notes: Lavender flower, lemon balm, French lavender, heliotrope, honey, amber, french vanilla, sandalwood, vanilla absolute

Date: 12/25/07 Weather: 50 degrees, clear

Comments: Starts lavender. Becomes lavender + powder after 15 minutes. Develops a vanilla note after 30 minutes. The drydown is a gorgeous vanilla/wood/spice blend. Love this stuff!!!!

Date: 2/1/07 Weather: 35 degrees, rainy, evening

Comments: Starts lavender (reminds me of Yardley English Lavender). This time, it quickly picked up a honey/vanilla note. Stayed lavender, honey and vanilla for as long as I was awake. Fabulous sleeping scent and very reminiscent of a well made aromatherapy lavender.

Date: 2/27/08 Weather: 30 degrees, clear

Comments: Same lavender start. In 15 minutes, becomes vanilla with a chocolate edge this time. Very creamy. Also wore this last night and woke with the pretty vanilla/wood/spice blend that showed no signs of weakening – which tells me that this scent is a “put it on and forget about it” thing. The more I wear this one, the more I like it.

Date: 9/16/07 Weather: 76 degrees, evening, clear

Comments: Sharper, slightly medicinal lavender start. The lavender really hangs out this time – lasting about 30 minutes as the vanilla makes an appearance then slowly begins to dominate. 2 hours later – vanilla with a hint of lavender. 6 hours later – mostly vanilla with some spices and honey. Still going strong the next morning.

Date: 2/24/09 Weather: 30 degrees, evening

Comments: Lavender and vanilla with a hint of spices. Wore this 2 evenings in a row. Both times, could still smell the lavender / vanilla blend the next morning.

Retired – finished bottle 2/24/09


~ by Wendy Wickham on February 2, 2008.

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