Diptyque – Philosykos

Perfume: Philosykos
House: Diptyque
Source: Beautyhabit
Size: 2 mL spray

Beautyhabit Notes: Fig tree leaves, white cedar

Date: 11/24/07 Weather: 45 degrees, clear

Comments: Very dry fig. Green. Turns woody, then becomes powdery. Gone in 4 hours.

Date: 7/12/08 Weather: 83 degrees, humid

Comments: Black pepper and leaves with a hint of fig. During the drydown, becomes slightly woodier and fruitier. Within the hour, you can really smell the figs, a hint of black pepper, and what the buzz is all about. This stuff seems to really need heat to make it bloom.

Date: 9/28/08 Weather: 75 degrees, rainy

Comments: Figs with their greenery and black pepper. Within 10 minutes a coconut note appears. SO’s comment – you smell like Malibu rum. Becomes figs, black pepper, a hint of coconut. Stays that way for the duration. Sprayed over with Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Sunscreen after 2 hours.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on January 30, 2008.

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