Ormonde Jayne – Ta’if

Perfume: Ta’if
Perfumer: Ormonde Jayne
Source: Ormonde Jayne
Size: 1 mL

Top: Pink pepper, saffron and dates
Heart: Rose oil, freesia, orange flower absolute and jasmine
Base: Broom amd amber

Date: 11/7/07 Weather: 50 degrees and sunny

Comments: The first hit is pink pepper and saffron. Sharp and medicinal. A cumin funk appears then mellows to a floral – roses and jasmine. Still kinda green. Doesn’t particularly register as “rose” to me. Starts becoming amber towards the end with the flowers. Some powder in here as well. Nice sillage and long lasting. Still not crazy about it. May work better in warmer weather.

Date: 7/14/08 Weather: 89 degrees, humid

Comments: Pink pepper, roses, some saffron. Medicinal, clean, green rose. Much nicer in the heat. Almost refreshing. Nice sillage. Still long lasting.

Date: 11/15/08 Weather: 60 degrees, rainy

Comments: Pink pepper, roses and some saffron. This is a very green, peppery scent. Wore it the first evening at the conference and wearing it on the way home. Definite Iso E Super note in this. Sharper and colder than the Tolu. Still going 6 hours later.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on January 25, 2008.

One Response to “Ormonde Jayne – Ta’if”

  1. I’ve been wearing this and wearign this and wearing this hoping the light would hit me. It finally did. If you get a chance to try it in the pinker parfum, do si, it is a feminine, rosy wonder

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