Ayala Moriel – Black Licorice

Perfume: Black Licorice
Perfumer: Ayala Sender
Source: Ayala Moriel
Size: 1mL

Notes: Anise Seed, Black Currant Buds , Honey Absolute Patchouli, Rose Maroc, Star Anise Tarragon Absolute, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang Concrete

Date: 10/23/07 Weather: 75 degrees

Comments: Top note – licorice. Then becomes licorice bark (green+wood+licorice). 15 minutes in, evolves to something woodier with a hint of licorice. On the dry down, becomes sweeter and more floral with the undercurrent of anise. It’s not nearly as sweet as the notes imply. This is nice and a “gotta be in the mood” scent. Gone in 3 hours.

Date: 12/20/07 Weather: 33 degrees and clear

Comments: Starts with black jellybeans. Picks up a rubbery note, then back to black jellybeans with a bit more licorice wood. Fades fast (2 hours). Decent workout scent.

Date: 2/28/08 Weather: 32 degrees, windy and cold. Trying to outrun the flu.

Comments: Wearing this over 5 hour old Ava Luxe Kretek. Not picking up the black jellybean vibe this time. More wood, green, herbal. Still has the strong licorice wood vibe to it. Also picking up more patchouli this wearing 2 minutes in. 30 minutes in, picking up some honey with the licorice wood, as well as a spiciness – which may be the rejuvinated Kretek. Still going (surprisingly enough) about 3 hours later. I’m wondering if it’s the layering or if I’m imagining things.

~ by Wendy Wickham on January 21, 2008.

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