Ava Luxe – Rasa

Perfume: Rasa
Perfumer: Serena Ava Franco
Source: Ava Luxe (in limited production)
Size: 1mL EdP

Notes: N/A

Date: 10/24/07 Weather: 60 degrees

Comments: Starts with a hint of mint, wood, musk and jasmine. Develops a slight soapy note as the musk disappears. Feeling anosmic and stuffy and I’m finding I’m not up for this today. Feel a bit nauseated. Had to scrub off. Will try this another time.

Date: 2/9/08 Weather: 40 degrees, evening

Comments: Jasmine and musk. Develops a slight soapy note to go with the musk – not entirely unpleasant. Spices also make an appearance (nutmeg?). About an hour in, vanilla appears with the musk. This reminds me a bit of Musc Ravageur without the camphoric note that weaves through that scent. The soapiness burns off after 2 hours. Gone the next morning.

Makeup Alley
Basenotes – Ava Luxe Experience Spring/Summer
Basenotes – Ava Luxe Experience Fall/Winter
Scent of Abricots

~ by Wendy Wickham on January 21, 2008.

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