Montale – Black Aoud

Perfume: Black Aoud
Perfumer: Montale
Source: Luckyscent
Size: 1.5 mL

Luckyscent Notes: Red rose, aoud, labdanum, sandalwood

Date: 10/27/07 Weather: 65 degrees and partly cloudy

Comments: Alternates between pure rose and camphoric oud. A heavy herbal quality through this scent. When it begins to dry down, you can smell the sandalwood and labdanum – the rose is there but its a woody, spicy rose mix. Lasts FOREVER. I think this will be better for cold weather.

Date: 12/16/07 Weather: 30 degrees, breezy

Comments: Citrusy wood (medicinal) and rose. Wearing a little to heavy. Has a muskiness to it (the labdanum?). Very linear. Sort of lotiony. Note to self: Apply this sparingly!

Date: 1/26/08 Weather: 35 degrees and clear

Comments: Wore this over 4 hour old DSH Fleurs du Chocolat because I thought the DSH really needed oud. A really nice combo – the DSH smooths out the rough edges of this one and amplifies the roses a bit. Also adds a subtle chocolately undertone that is really nice. After 2 hours – the Black Aoud took over. When it finally burned off (about 8 hours later), could STILL smell the DSH.

Date: 3/10/08 Weather: 50 degrees, clear

Comments: Worn over 8 hour old (and still going) Regina Harris Frankincense/Myrrh/Rose. The Montale bludgeons the Regina Harris into submission – though you can pick up a slight smoothing of the notes from the remains of the Regina Harris. Not a bad combo – though I may have overapplied. I can kinda taste the oud and roses over my pizza. Pizza, oud and roses – yuck. Got a thumbs up from one of the bowling boys (thankfully, the good looking one) who stayed much closer to me than normal. Gone in 8 hours.

Date: 12/27/08 Weather: 45 degrees, cloudy

Comments: Very medicinal on this wearing. Top to bottom. Mostly oud, few roses. I felt a bit congested this morning – which may be why my nose is picking up the medicinal aspects of this scent. Just didn’t wear terribly well today. Lasted about 10 hours.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on January 17, 2008.

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