Memoire Liquide – Nag Champa Indien #304

Perfume: Nag Champa Indien #304
Perfumer: Memoire Liquide
Source: The Perfume Court
Size: 1 mL Oil

Notes: Nag Champa

Date: 1/16/08 Weather: 25 degrees clear

Comments: Starts with almost a chocolatey note with the wood and amber. Becomes woodier and a sweet amber. A very clear nag champa scent. A distinct floral note. Gets a bit soapy about 1 hour in during workout (but not unpleasantly so). Significant sillage on this one. Can still smell it quite strongly on me 2 hours, a workout and a shower later. Still that very pretty nag champa incense with the slight soapy note. Big fan of this scent even with the soapy note. Soapiness finally disappears after 5 hours – light vanilla blends in with the amber. Still going (though faintly) 10 hours later.

Now Smell This
Now Smell This – Memoire Liquide Experience Review

~ by Wendy Wickham on January 16, 2008.

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