Regina Harris – Frankincense, Myrrh and Rose

Perfume: Frankincense, Myrrh and Rose
Perfumer: Regina Harris
Source: Luckyscent
Size: 1 mL oil

Notes: Frankincense, myrrh and rose (duh)

Date: 9/21/07 Weather: 80 degrees

Comments: Faint frankincense and myrrh. Kinda dry, very faint. Not smelling much rose. It’s OK, but way overpriced. Prefer CdG Avignon.

Date: 10/26/07 Weather: 60 degrees and rainy

Comments: Starts with a plastic note, then warms up to a standard head-shop myyrh. Wound up scrubbing after an attempted comparison with a myrrh oil gone bad (something I picked up at one of the Smithsonian Institution Folklife Festivals). I’m afraid I can buy better stuff for much cheaper at my local health food store. Either that, or I’ve missed something really important here (besides the bottle).

Date: 3/10/08 Weather: 48 degrees, clear

Comments: Head-shop myrrh. Showered after 1 hour. Wound up with a hint more rose after the shower. Reapplied. 4 hours later – still smells like head-shop myrrh. A slight soap note runs through it after an hour’s worth of wear. Still not smelling anything that would make me race out to buy it. Still going after 8 hours. Never changes character – remains dominantly a myrrh scent. Will finish the sample.

Date: 3/28/08 Weather: 60 degrees, clear, evening

Comments: Still head-shop myrrh. But I really like this. Also has a tea-like note after 30 minutes on this wearing. Works for what it is. Definitely wouldn’t pay huge money for this, but it is definitely wearable if you like heath store oils as much as I do.

Date: 8/26/08 Weather: 80 degrees, sunny

Comments: Needed something kinda bland this morning. For some reason, this really fit the bill. Myrrh, a bit of woods, slightly sweet, little to no evolution or sillage. Lasted about 6 hours on my skin.

Date: 11/8/08 Weather: 50 degrees, evening.

Comments: Myrrh, no sillage to speak of. Smells a bit dusty and old this time. I may have caught something resembling a rose this time – more the stems and surrounding dirt than anything else. Gone in 6 hours. Very little wear for such a thick oil. May have to give up on this one.

Date: 4/15/09 Weather: 45 degrees, rainy.

Yup – frankincense, rose and myrrh. Heavy on the myrrh. Picking up more of the roses on this wearing. Seems more floral than I remember. Still a tad dusty. Very linear – no evolution to speak of. Worked for a rainy day. Gone in 8 hours.

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