Ormonde Jayne – Orris Noir

Perfume: Orris Noir
Perfumer: Ormonde Jayne
Source: Ormonde Jayne
Size: 1mL

Perfumer Notes:
Top- Davana, Pink Pepper, Coriander Seed, Bergamot
Heart – Iris, Sambac Absolute, Pimento Berries, Bay
Base – Incense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Chinese Cedar, Saffron, Civet (Gaiac)

Date: 10/25/07 Weather: 55 degrees and rainy

Wearing: A very pretty floral to start, then it becomes very clean smelling. A bit of licorice appears, then some of the incense, myrrh, light patchouli and woods. You can still smell anise and iris. 30 minutes in, pink pepper and iris.

Comments: This smells WONDERFUL! Very light, yet spicy (with the coriander/pepper/anise). Great evolution. Pretty,pretty,pretty.

Wore this as a scent to refresh mid-day in the office for most of the fall and winter.

Date: 12/26/07 Weather: 40 degrees and cloudy

Comments: The evolution this time around is the same – a pepper/wood/floral top that lasts awhile. Then the iris makes an appearance. Finally a beautiful woody spice dry down. After about 5 hours, it goes through a period where you think it disappears, but you still catch it on yourself occasionally. I still think it smells gorgeous. And it is still among my scents in my office desk drawer. My 1st sample is disappearing alarmingly fast.

Date: 12/30/07 – 1/2/08 Weather: 70 degrees and warm. Took my 2nd spray bottle to Myrtle Beach with me to see how it would react in warmer weather.

Comments: The boyfriend finally got a whiff of this. Told me it smells “mature, sophisticated and put-together.” Not bad for someone wearing jeans and an old polo shirt at the time. This scent performs well in heat – same note structure and similar lasting power.

1 sample to Taolady – 4/27/08

Date: 11/06/08 Weather: 66 degrees, cloudy

Comments: Haven’t worn this in a while. The sample has aged nicely. I’m picking up a bit of leather at the top now. The iris is smoother, more rounded. It also reads a bit sweeter than I remember.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on January 15, 2008.

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