Ormonde Jayne – Frangipani

Perfume: Frangipani
Perfumer: Ormonde Jayne
Source: Ormonde Jayne
Size: 1 mL Spray

Perfumer Notes:
Top: Linden blossom, magnolia flower, lime peel
Heart: White frangipani, jasmine, rose, tuberose
Base: Amber, Musk, Cedar, French Vanilla

Date: 10/25/07 Weather: 55 degrees and rainy

Wearing: Starts with a grapefruit accord (a scent I am not particularly fond of), then fades to something dusty. Within 5-10 minutes, becomes a jasemine/tuebrose thing. In 30 minutes, the cedar makes an appearance with some musky (cumin-like) funk at the base. In 40 minutes, the jasmine returns with the cedar and some amber. At 1 hr. 15 minutes – turns powdery. Finally, at 2 hours – vanilla. Lasts awhile.

Comments: This is a very complex scent. Not for me. Hate the top, the heart is OK, the base is too powdery and then turns sour. LOVE it once it gets past this point about 2 hours in. Have discovered that it smells MUCH nicer if I put this only on my chest. The scent blossoms that way.

Date: 9/26/08 Weather: 62 degrees, rainy

Comments: Huge grapefruit blast at the top. Then gets green and sour on my skin and stays there. I think that may be an unhappy peach. A little bit of cedar appears after an hour. This is not loving me at all.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on January 15, 2008.

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