Divine – Divine

Perfume: Divine
House: Divine
Source: Luckyscent
Size: 1.7 mL

Notes: peach, coriander, gardenia, Indian tuberose, May rose, oak moss, musk, vanilla, spice

Date: 10/26/07 Weather: 60 degrees and rainy

Wearing: This starts as a light floral – roses and gardenia. The gardenia note becomes stronger. As it dries down, becomes green, spicy and musky. Lasts a VERY long time (over 7 hours!) with strong sillage.

Comments: This stuff is definitely old school. I say that respectfully. Gardenia, tuberose, moss and musk. The type of scent you remember your impossibly stylish 50something aunt wearing (you know, the one who has been through 3 wealthy husbands and is working on the 4th). It starts lightly, then becomes progressively stronger. I was smelling this stuff 6 hours later without any effort. I think it finally faded after 8 hours (either that or my nose got tired). A beautifully crafted scent. Wore it to a hockey game – where I felt incredibly out of synch with the scent. Instead of my Washington Capitals shirt, Crocs and Jeans – I felt I should be wearing an elegant gown with heels, perfect hair and full makeup. Still like it – but it may be an “occasion” scent.

Date: 2/22/08 Weather: 28 degrees, damp, evening

Comments: Clorox water and maple syrup (smelled like Osmanthus and Immortelle). The clorox burns off after 45 minutes or so to a watery maple syrup scent. Did absolutely NOTHING for me on this wearing. I think my nose may be very out of whack tonight – everything has a “bloody nose” tang to it.

Date: 4/2/09 Weather: 55 degrees, rainy

Comments: Starts with a very “old school” top. Roses (astringent) and other flowers with a mossy base and some serious bergamot / fruit. Reminds me of hairspray. Softens significantly over the wearing, but I still don’t wear this comfortably – it seems to sit on me with old school flowers and an aldehyde. Again, my allergies may be making everything more astringent. Becomes almost rotting fruit on the deep drydown (6 hours in). Gone at the 8 hour mark.

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Makeup Alley
Fragrance Bouquet

~ by Wendy Wickham on January 15, 2008.

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