Dior – J’Adore

Perfume: J’Adore
House: Dior
Perfumer: Calice Becker
Source: Nordstroms – Sales Associate
Size: 1mL EdT

Sephora Notes: Mandarine, Champaca flowers, ivy, african orchid, rose, violet, damascus plum, Amaranth Wood, Blackberry Musk.

Comment: Very floral – gardenia and roses (of course, I guessed that completely wrong). Sillage MONSTER, wear sparingly. Turns to a tuberose and jasmine type scent, then morphs into an aquatic floral before finally settling into a sweet floral with a slight musky undertone. This stuff could easily clear a room. Could be nice in VERY SMALL DOSES.

This sample was obtained during a search for an unidentified scent loved by the boyfriend. The sample the nice sales associate gave me leaked all over the plastic bag I brought just for this mission. When I looked at the sample again – all of the juice had leaked and dried. Tossed the remains 12/15/07.

Date: 12/23/08 Weather: 20 degrees, partly cloudy

Comments: Got a new sample from SMM. Starts with this horrible green chemical fruity floral thing. Then turns into a highly indolic white floral. Still a sillage monster. After a couple of hours, becomes an ignorable white floral. At the 6 hour point, some vanilla and musk with the white floral and greenery. This is NOT up my alley – but the drydown is not bad. Still going as a vanillic white musk at the 14 hour mark.

Date: 3/14/09 Weather: 43 degrees, damp

Comments: green apples to ignorable white floral wit apple notes. A bit aquatic in feel this time. Serious sillage for the first 3 hours of wear. Floral white musk in the drydown. Very long wearing. Finally gone the next morning.
Scented Salamander
Scent Notes – Chandler Burr
Pink Manhattan

~ by Wendy Wickham on January 15, 2008.

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