Montale – Golden Aoud

Perfume: Golden Aoud
Perfumer: Montale
Source: The Perfumed Court
Size: 1mL EdT

Notes: Not Available

Date: 9/2/07 Weather: 80 degrees

Comments: Woody aoud with saffron, amber and roses. The dry-down contains a strong vanilla note laced with sandalwood, saffron and roses. This is one of those perfumes where very little information is available. I thought the fragrance was absolutely beautiful. The boyfriend – not so much… He thought it inoffensive, but not attractive.

Date: 12/21/07 Weather: 37 degrees, clear

Comments: Starts with medicinal oud. Lighter, but has the distinct scent. Then more roses. Then woody. May have saffron running through this. Feels really light and airy. Gets woody again. Seems to fade quickly (at least – faster than the other Montale Aouds). Twolf (Basenotes) mentioned that this was a tough find – maybe only 4 or 5 large bottles in existance. After discussion, we both agreed that this has saffron.

Date: 7/16/08 Weather: 84 degrees, sunny

Comments: Oud, roses, wood, saffron. Getting a vanilla note this time as well. Wound up lasting about 6 hours. Not as overwhelming in the heat as I would have feared. This and Black Aoud are my two favorite aouds in this line.

Basenotes Missing Fragrances List

~ by Wendy Wickham on January 13, 2008.

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