Ava Luxe – Kretek

Perfume: Kretek
Perfumer: Serena Ava Franco
Source: Ava Luxe (only doing limited fragrances at this time)
Size: 1mL Perfume Extract

Notes: Clove bud, cinnamon, cardamom, tobacco leaf, amber, sandalwood, incense

Date: 8/24/07 Weather: 75 degrees

Wearing: Top – very much cloves and tobacco. Mellows out a bit with cinnamon, cardamom and sandalwood 10 minutes in. 30 minutes – more incense laced with clove. Still going 3 hours later – still significant, if subtle scent of clove – especially on my chest.

Comments: Wow! She NAILED the scent of clove cigarettes. Not entirely sure where I would wear it. Doesn’t stick on my arms for some reason.

Date: 2/28/08 Weather: 19 degrees, windy. May be coming down with something…..

Comments: For whatever reason, I REALLY wanted to smell like clove cigarettes today. This stuff doesn’t disappoint. Clove, cinnamon and tobacco top. Stays this way for a good hour or so. Then it starts to develop a strange, almost plasticky note with the cloves. Might be my nose, but I’m not catching much else in this scent on the dry down other than light cloves and heavy plastic. Disappears in 2 hours.

Date: 9/25/08 Weather: 60 degrees, rainy, breezy

Comments: Clove cigarettes, heavy on the tobacco note this time. Sadly – turned sour after 30 minutes or so. Put Ambra Tibet over this after an hour.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on January 10, 2008.

One Response to “Ava Luxe – Kretek”

  1. I really like this frag. It’s not for the office, though. Sometimes I wear it to bed when I don’t want something more subtle. Waking up at night to clove and tobacco is not so bad.

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