Neil Morris – Coral

Perfume: Coral
Perfumer: Neil Morris
Source: Neil Morris Fragrances
Size: 1mL EdP

Perfumer Notes:
Top – bergamot and pomegranate
Heart – Fig, Sweet Pea, Bulgarian Rose
Base – Sandalwood, Incense, Fresh Oceanic Musk

Date: 8/10/07 Weather: 99 degrees. I was running a low fever that afternoon.

Wearing: Top = orange candy. Quickly moves to ripe figs and roses. Within 5 minutes the scent becomes roses, some frankinscence and powder. A couple of minutes later – sweet pea appears with a marine scent among the roses. In 10 minutes – roses, sweet pea, clove, frankinscence, musk and powder. Within 45 minutes, the scent settles into a frankinscence, rose, musk, clove blend with a subtle powdery note. Gone in 2 hours.

Comments: The early going of this scent is a plaster nose to wrist experience. I find myself very curious to see what happens next. Heady and pretty.

Date: Sometime in November Weather: 45 degrees and breezy

Comments: The top is still orange candy. Becomes more gourmand in the heart this wearing. The dry-down is slower (about 1 hour). Still sweetness and powder. I’m noticing a pattern in his scents – citrus top, floral middle, woody/powdery dry-down. All very well crafted.

Date: 6/2/08 Weather: 63 degrees, sunny

Comments: Starts with orange candy top. Then turns soapy on me. Boo hiss!!! I think part of it may be my nose today – but I don’t remember the soap from previous wearings.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on January 6, 2008.

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