Montale – Vanille Absolu

Perfume: Vanille Absou
Perfumer: Montale
Source: Luckyscent
Size: 1mL EdP

Luckyscent notes: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Clove, Woods

Date: 8/14/07 Weather: 75 degrees

Wearing: Starts smoky with a hint of vanilla. Develops some mint and a bit of wood. Becomes wood, amber and vanilla – very subtle. Settles into this scent. In 2 hours – develops a subtle plasticky/rubbery note. IN 6 hours – still around.

Comments: Essence of vanilla bean – except for the rubber note about 2 hours in.

Date: 8/25/07 Weather: 85 degrees and stormy

Comments: Starts woody with a hint of vanilla. Doesn’t seem super-strong this wearing. Catch myself through the day wondering what the nice scent is – turns out to be me. A great feeling. Doesn’t seem to last particularly long this wearing. Do find that I like it better this time around.

Date: 12/18/07 Weather: 40 degrees and cloudy

Comments: Worn in warm office. A bit plasticine this wearing. Felt it was also a bit strong. Still like the vanilla bean. Still quite fond of it, but maybe in a cooler environment.

Date: 12/21/07 Weather: 40 degrees, clear

Comments: Wearing this over hours old Montale Golden Aoud. A bit chemical and plasticine, especially when wrist-sniffing. Great sillage from a distance and with some age.

Subsequent Comments: Starting to wear this as an office scent for reapplication mid-day. Still behaves somewhat unpredictably – I get the “rubber” note some days, but not others. No real predictable reason why. No matter what – the silliage is still fantastic. Generally, I’ve been getting a good 6-8 hours worth of wear from it.

Date: 1/8/08 Weather: 70 degrees (can you believe it?!?!)

Comments: This time, starting with a smoky/woody note. Almost oud-like. Posesses almost a minty quality this time. Not sure if this is a result of wearing it over scrubbed Amouage Gold (which just won’t quite leave) or very old Philosophy Inner Grace (which I put on 4 hours ago and figured it had vanished about 2 hours back). The silliage is the scent of good vanilla beans. This scent is subtly different each time I wear it. I’m liking the unpredictability – at least in an artistic sense.

Finished the sample – 1/8/08

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~ by Wendy Wickham on January 6, 2008.

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