DSH – Oude Arabique

Perfume: Oude Arabique
Perfumer: Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
Source: DSH Perfumes – Parfumes des Beaux Arts
Size: 1mL EdP

Perfumer Notes:
Top: Mastic
Heart: Oude (Agarwood), Tamil Nadu Sandalwood
Base: Australian Sandalwood, Buddahwood, Himalayan Cedar, Tolu Balsam

Date: 1/6/08 Weather: 49 degrees, sunny

Wearing: Starts with hit of Oude – medicinal and woody. Then begins to weave incense, a hint of citrus, camphor and a sweeter sandalwood throughout the wearing. Gone in 4 hours.

Comments: This is a wrist to nose scent. I kept sniffing to see what will happen next. The changes are subtle – it retains a woody note throughout. Also close-wearing after the first 20 minutes. This may have something to do with the way I wore it today (drops on back of hand and inside of wrist – both hands).

~ by Wendy Wickham on January 6, 2008.

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