Neil Morris – Clear

Perfume: Clear
Perfumer: Neil Morris
Source: Neil Morris Fragrances
Size Sampled: 1/32 oz spray 

Top: Pink Grapefruit 
Heart: Balsam, Mint
Base: Cedar, Clean Musk 

Date: 8/9/07 Weather: 100 degrees and HOT!!!!

Wearing: Starts with Everclear 180, quickly moves to grapefruit rind, green branches, irish spring soap. Bitter and astringent during this phase.15 minutes later, still have some bitter grapefruit but the balsam wood and musk make an appearance. The astringency disappears and becomes more lotion-like.30 minutes in – green branches and a faint lemony note. It becomes a very pleasant scent at this point.45 minutes in – the musk appears with a strong undertone of green woods and lemons.60 minutes in – develops a watery note and some powder. The cedar makes a appearance. The musk becomes sweeter over time.

Reaction: Love the final base notes. Hate the top notes. Seems to make a fantastic Golf scent.

Date: 9/8/07 Weather: 95 degrees and HOT!!!!

Wearing: Still starts with bitter top notes. I like this scent after 30 minutes on the skin (15 minutes sweating outdoors)

  • Reaction: Wearing this playing golf. I get whiffs of this scent as I move around the course.

    Date: 11/10/07 Weather: 45 degrees and breezy

    Comments: Not as bitter on the opening this time. It’s a nice woody green scent. Dries down to a pretty musky cedar. Lasts a long time with subtle, pleasantly soapy sillage in this weather (about 6+ hours). This seems to work better in cooler weather. Surprising since the notes indicate a warm weather scent. Like it better on this wearing than previously.

    Subsequent Wearings: I find that the more I wear this scent, the more I like it. For me, it serves a very particular purpose – golf scent. I’ve been wearing this through the fall of 2007 and find that it works best in warmer weather. Another thing I’ve noticed is that as this particular sample vial aged, the bitter top noted became less prevalent and the time from initial spray to “I Like This” became much shorter.

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    ~ by Wendy Wickham on January 5, 2008.

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