Hanae Mori – Magical Moon

Perfume: Magical Moon
House: Hanae Mori
Source: Swap – BlackCat
Size: 1.5 mL Spray

Sephora Notes: Osmanthus, Rose, Sugar Cane, Cotton Flower, Coconut Milk, Vanilla, White Musk, White Sandalwood, Red Cedar, Incense, Litchi, Patchouli, Pineapple, Guava, Star Fruit, Orange Flowers, Pink Berries.

Date: 6/26/09 Weather: 87 degrees, sunny, humid

Comments: Smells like a more floral version of Butterfly, with a similar Pink Sugar / cotton candy note. Hovers here for a couple of hours (really didn’t pay much attention to the development of this one). When I checked back in 4 hours later, wound up with a faint floral with a hint of vanilla and musk. This one is drier than Butterfly. May be a bit more heat friendly. IN 6 hours – pretty much gone. Admit this one is not terribly memorable. Easy to wear.

Scented Salamander
Perfume Fiends


~ by Wendy Wickham on June 26, 2009.

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