Worth – Courtesan

Perfume: Courtesan
House: Worth
Source: Swap – Perfumequeen
Size: 2mL spray

Perfume Posse Notes: Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, Pineapple, Red Berries, Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Egyptian Jasmine and Turkish Rose, woody notes, Sandalwood, Peach, Caramel, Raspberry, Chocolate, Cocoa Beans, Amber, Vanilla and Musk

Date: 2/6/09 Weather: 23 degrees, sunny

Comments: Vanilla powder with some florals (jasmine and roses?) and musk. Can’t decide whether this is painfully sexy or painfully girly. Smells good, and familiar, either way. After an hour – spices appear among the vanilla flower powder. 10 minutes after the spices, a dusty rubbery note appears. Weird – but I still like it. The rubbery note burns off and you have spicy vanilla musk. Lasts forever. Was still going almost 24 hours later!!!!! The perfumista’s holy grail – decent sillage that you can smell all day, huge lasting power, smells good.

Perfume Posse
Perfume Smellin Things
Scented Salamander
Makeup Alley

~ by Wendy Wickham on February 9, 2009.

One Response to “Worth – Courtesan”

  1. Hey, so glad you’re feeling the Courtesan love! You get the same rubbery note Marina gets, it sounds like.

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