Mythos Mixtures – Elixir of Regeneration

Perfume: Elixir of Regeneration
House: Mythos Mixtures
Source: Mythos Mixtures
Size: 1mL

Notes: dragon’s blood, ginseng, vetiver, musk

Date: 12/18/08 Weather: 39 degrees, damp

Comments: Starts with a fruity note (citrus, maybe some pineapple?). An aquatic floral note appears within a couple of minutes. Possibly the remains of the nose-searing aquatic note in the Ungaro III I just scrubbed. Hovers as a watery, slightly soapy fruity floral for a couple of hours. There is a hint of earth in here as well. The aquatics and fruit burns off and I am left with a gentle, faint floral with a hint of a soapy musk. One of the better blends I’ve tried from this house so far. Fades to a nice musky, slightly soapy vetiver. Gone after 8 hours.

~ by Wendy Wickham on December 19, 2008.

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