Geir Ness – Laila

Perfume: Laila
House: Geir Ness
Source: Swap – BlackCat
Size: 1mL

Notes: flowers, fruit, watermelon

Date: 12/8/08 Weather: 25 degrees, sunny

Comments: Isopropyl alcohol quickly morphing to a watery floral. Within 10 minutes, the flowers sink into the water and I am left with a sour, sharp aquatic that gets stronger over the next hour. Becomes slightly musky during the 2nd hour. The musk rounds out the sharp aquatics, making it more wearable on my skin. During a walk in the cold around hour 3 – picked up this interesting scent which reminded me of a Norwegian pine forest in winter. And yes, this was coming off ME. Very faint watery musky floral at 4 hours. Gone completely in 6.


~ by Wendy Wickham on December 8, 2008.

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