Dorissima – Goldmund

Perfume: Goldmund
House: Dorissima
Source: Luckyscent
Size: 1mL

Luckyscent Notes: tonka beans, vanilla, iris root, rose, powdery carnation, benzoin, sandalwood, soft musk, balsam notes, Peru balsam, allspice

Date: 12/6/08 Weather: 30 degrees, snow flurries, evening

Comments: Strange chemical fruity, almost pineapple top. Yikes! Goes powdery after 10 minutes on the skin with a high dose of woods and resin. Very sharp. 15 minutes – start picking up a hint of vanilla, but it’s still sharp. 20 minutes, beginning to organize itself into a fluffy woody powder. Reads almost mossy. Hums with a healthy dose of woody powder for the next 2 hours. At the 3 hour mark, turns into a creamy, woody, almost amberish scent. As it continues to dry down – the amber burns off and you are left with a vanilla and almond-heavy musk with a slight hint of spices. Almost smelled like the Rahat Loukhoum I was wearing earlier today. Actually….could have been the Rahat Loukhoum I was wearing, even though I had showered and scrubbed before applying this. Was going strong at hour 6. Gone the next morning.

Date: 3/23/09 Weather: 43 degrees, windy

Comments: Strange chemical, almost industrial top. Takes an hour – smells tea-like as it dries down. Healthy dose of plasticine vanilla. 3 hours in – still smells a bit “off” – vanilla, musk, plasticine roses and a chemical with some . Very uncomfortable wearing this and kept hoping it would smell better. At the end of the day (8 hours later) – very musky, hint of vanilla, some woods. Lasts awhile, but not so sure I’d race to wear this again.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on December 7, 2008.

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