Frederic Malle – Bois d’Orage / French Lover

Perfume: Bois d’Orage / French Lover
House: Frederic Malle
Source: Swap – SMM
Size: 1.5 mL

Perfume Smellin Things Notes:pimento, galbanum, iris, cedar, trimofix, angelica, frankincense, vetiver, moss, musk, ambroxan and karanal

Date: 11/18/08 Weather: 32 degrees, sunny

Comments: Orange/Grapefruit oil and black pepper. The citrus oil stays as the black pepper morphs to a resinous frankincense. 30 minutes later, the citrus oil burns off. Up close – resins on a charcoal burner (dominantly frankincense). On the sillage – a powdery sandalwood. A few hours later, a slightly anise-like vetiver note appears. The whole is still fairly powdery and strangely comforting. Lasted 8 hours on my skin, becoming very close-wearing after 5 hours.

Perfume Smellin Things
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~ by Wendy Wickham on November 19, 2008.

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