Czech & Speake – No. 88

Perfume: No. 88
House: Czech & Speake
Source: The Perfumed Court
Size: 1mL

Notes: bergamot, geranuim, woods, rose otto, cassie, frangipani, vetiver, sandalwood

Date: 10/2/08 Weather: 55 degrees, sunny, cool

Comments: Started as a woody rose. The woods (cedar, pine, sandalwood) begins to dominate about 10 minutes in. Some spices (cloves and allspice?) appear with the woods and the remaining flowers making the whole read somewhat masculine. Still wearable. There is also a powder note in here that appears at the 15 minute mark and lasts for the next 90 minutes. 2.5 hours later – cloves, some spicy roses and wood. Stays here with different notes dominating through the evolution. Occasionally, an incense note appears as well. 7 hours in – rose with a slight hint of honey and incense. Closer wearing. Every phase of this scent is very wearable. Can easily see a man wearing this one – particularly in the early stages. Glad I dabbed this lightly, though. I can easily see it suffocating someone if sprayed heavily. Gone in 10 hours.

Date: 5/1/09 Weather: 70 degrees, cloudy and damp

Comments: Roses and vetiver and woods. Occasionally reads as patchouli and roses – in the most sophisticated way. I’ve worn this a couple of times in between this wearing and the entry above. Fall deeper in love with it and a mood scent. Dries down to roses, honey, incense and a hint of vetiver. Definitely strong sillage – especially in the first 5 hours.

Date: 7/9/09 Weather: 85 degrees and sunny

Comments: Roses, vetiver and woods. Disappeared much faster than expected – less than 6 hours.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on October 3, 2008.

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