Prada – Infusion d’Iris

Perfume: Infusion d’Iris
House: Prada
Source: Swap – SMM
Size: 2 mL

Perfume Shrine Notes: galbanum, tunisian neroli, italian mandarin, lentisque (mastic), iris, cedar, vetiver, benzoin from Laos, somalian incense

Date: 10/1/08 Weather: 65 degrees, drizzly

Comments: Starts with wood, iris, a bit of powder. Becomes more powdery and slightly sweeter as it dries down. My powder tolerance must be increasing because I am actually enjoying this this morning. There is also something leathery in here as well. Very faint after 7 hours.

Date: 12/26/08 Weather: 35 degrees, very early morning

Comments: Insomniac this morning. This time, the top was rooty iris and a hint of bergamot (like Earl Grey tea). 5 minutes later, a sweet incense note appears and the bergamot burns off. 20 minutes after that – woody, green, some iris and gets a tad rubbery to my nose.

Date: 4/16/09 Weather: 50 degrees, sunny

Comments: I seem to be drawn to this scent when I am sleep deprived. Big hit of iris and bergamot at the top. Becomes incensed iris as it dries down. About 6 hours later – picking up a pretty iris / benzoin scent. Interestingly – I find I forget the scent soon after wearing it. That may not be a good sign.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on October 1, 2008.

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