By Kilian – A Taste of Heaven

Perfume: A Taste of Heaven
House: By Kilian
Perfumer: Calice Becker
Source: Luckyscent
Size: 1mL

Luckyscent Notes: Calabria bergamot oil, geranium bourbon oil, orange flower absolute, Turkish rose absolute, green absinthe oil, lavender barreme oil, lavandin abrialis oil, lavandin green absolute, lavandin green concrete, Indonesian patchouli oil, oak moss extract, costus oil, ambrarome absolute, vanilla bean absolute, tonka beans

Date: 9/3/08 Weather: 70 degrees, evening

Comments: Huge citrus / lavender blast – almost mentholic. Very masculine. Very intense. Within 10 minutes, dries down to a lavender with wood, citrus and a hint of vanilla. Still very masculine. Almost soapy. For whatever reason, Old Spice comes to mind – though I’m not sure there are many similarities. 20 minutes in – more amber. Still very masculine. 60 minutes in – more vanilla. Still very masculine. 2 hours in – finally turning into something I can wear – a vanilla / amber blend with just a hint of soapy lavender. 5 hours in – has turned into the drydown for The Gingerbread Crackhouse. I wore this yesterday so I am not sure whether it is the Posset coming back or the actual drydown of this scent. I will need to try this again another time.

Date: 3/9/09 Weather: 70 degrees, sunny

Comments: Lavender. Then lavender and amber (very masculine) with a hint of anise. After an hour – turns into a burnt creme brulee. Not sure whether I like this or not. Wore it for the next 12 hours still trying to decide whether I liked the drydown on this thing. The burnt sugar note softened after 8 hours of wear, but it was still a bit uncomfortable. Finally completely gone after 16 hours, time spent in a smoky bowling alley and a shower.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on September 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “By Kilian – A Taste of Heaven”

  1. Gingerbread crackhouse made me laugh, I’ll admit. Sounds like we had two rather significantly different experiences with this one! I’ll be revisiting my sample too, it’s not an unpleasant fragrance by any means but having seen the notes now I may perceive it a bit differently.

  2. Funny that this says “masculine: to you, because there are few masculine fragrances I will wear, and I really like Taste of Heaven. Bought this and Love when the Kilian’s launched, and I’ve tired of Love’s sweet marshmallow-ness and still enjoy the lavender Taste. Of course I am a fan of lavender. Have you ever tried Ajne’s de Lavande?
    Love your journal format, and I’m looking forward to reading through all your entries. Found you through Carol S’s links.
    I confess I do find white type on black to be hard on my eyes/challenging to read though…..

    Keep up the fragrant work!

  3. Sadly, I don’t have much control over this template unless I pay $$$. And I’m mega cheap. One option is to subscribe through a feed reader (like Google Reader). Comment with an email address if you want more information.

    I was kinds surprised too. But the lavender in those top notes were really sharp. The opinion may have also been colored by having worn something sweet before. Because my experience was so different from everyone elses (it seems) it is definitely being revisited at a later time.

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