Amouage – Jubilation XXV

Perfume: Jubilation XXV
House: Amouage
Perfumer: Bertrand Duchaufour
Source: Swap – SMM
Size: 1.5 mL spray

Luckyscent Notes: Frankincense, labdanum ciste, coriander, davana, blackberry, orange, gaicwood, rose, honey, bay, orchid, cinnamon, clove, celery seed, opoponox, patchouli, myrrh, musk, moss, atlas cedarwood, ambergris, oud, immortelle

Date: 8/18/08 Weather: 85 degrees, humid

Comments: Wearing this over 10 hour old Silver Carnation, so the notes may be skewed on this wearing. Opens with a woody blast (mostly picking up cedar). Underneath, I can sense something faintly fruity – not sure if it is the fruit notes in this one or the remains of the Possets. After 15 minutes, the fruit note (which was very faint to start) burns off and it goes back to being woody. 30 minutes, a soft cedar. 45 minutes, becomes a bit resinous. Then a slightly sweeter note smooths out the sharp resins. Maybe the honey? The honey strengthens over the next 15 minutes. Still dominantly resinous and woody. 90 minutes in, gets a bit faint. Smells more like a sweetish, resinous incense blend at this point. 3 hours in – resin incense burnt on charcoal pods. The fruit reappears after 5 hours with the incense. Next morning – a white musky skin scent. This is NOT a straight incense. A whole ‘nother, very interesting beast.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on August 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Amouage – Jubilation XXV”

  1. Wow I think we actually wore Jubilation XXV on the same day. What are the odds? Are you on Basenotes?

  2. Yup – I am sakecat on Basenotes. Usually lurking in the Female Fragrance Discussion area.

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