Hi there!!!

I’ve noticed a huge spike in readers recently, so I figured I’d introduce this blog/site properly.

I’m not using this as a blog so much as I’m using it to database my perfume journals. I’ll provide links to the perfume blogs that are better written. I’ve been trying to find a good databasing system and realized that the blog tools provide everything I need:

  • Tags
  • Hyperlinks to reviews
  • Room to write impressions
  • Search capability

For those of you using feed readers, you will see anything I am trying the first time. I’ll be revisiting many of these scents and updating the original post as I wear it. Sadly – these updates don’t make it through the RSS feed. Just trust that I am still wearing something, even if you don’t see a new post.

If you are really that curious – you can visit me on Basenotes. I’m usually lurking in the Female Scent of the Day threads.

The best way to use this blog is through the Journal Search feature on the right hand side. Search by name, note or house. Type Perfume to see the most recent entries.

how to search

how to search

Please understand that I am a noob and that my scent impressions are (frequently) not accurate ones.Items tested will be updated in the appropriate entry. I will not create new entries for each wearing since I’m trying to keep my impressions of each scent together.

Unless I have specifically mentioned that I have finished or gotten rid of a fragrance, assume I will be getting back to it. Again – I’m new at this and am certain that things I don’t like now I might like (or at least appreciate) later.

Your perceptions of each fragrance are highly welcome since I am only one uneducated nose with a limited attention span. I will be moderating comments in order to reduce spam and general nastiness. Bear with me if your comment does not automatically appear.

Let me know if this helps you. – Sakecat


~ by Wendy Wickham on July 9, 2008.

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