Liz Zorn / Soivohle’ – Chrysalis (CH-07-N)

Perfume: Chrysalis (CH-07-N)
Perfumer: Liz Zorn
Source: Soivohle’
Size: 1mL

Notes: absinthe and cognac, fig, butter tincture, floral bouquet and sandalwood

Date: 5/4/08 Weather: 75 degrees, sunny

Comments: Starts very spicy. In 30 minutes, goes through a hospital skin disinfectant phase (reminds me a little of Bacitrin). An hour in – becomes spicy with an olive note. Then back to spices after 20 minutes of the olive note. This phase reminds me of the Ayala Moriel compositions. After 2 hours – the drydown is a lovely spicy incense, close wearing. Lasting significantly longer than expected – especially for a natural. Still going after 4 hours. Gone in 6.

Retired 5/25/08 – Swap to TaoLady

~ by Wendy Wickham on May 5, 2008.

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