Keiko Mecheri – Oliban

Perfume: Oliban
Perfumer: Keiko Mecheri
Source: Luckyscent
Size: 1mL

Luckyscent Notes:atlas cedar wood, olibanum, blonde tobacco, damascena rose, honey

Date: 4/21/08 Weather: 61 degrees, rainy

Comments: Starts spicy and woody with a hint of honey. Gets spicier within 5 minutes and develops more of a tobacco note. Within 10 minutes, becomes almost incensey. Then becomes mothballs and incense with a sickly note. Could be a result of my allergies, but there is something in the heart that is not agreeing with me. 2 hours in – a strong cinnamon note along with the incense and resins. 4 hours in, a pleasant cinnamon, vanilla, incense thing. Like the top, like the drydown, not so crazy about the heart. Will have to try again when my nose is clearer.

Date: 12/19/08 Weather: 40 degrees, drizzly to rainy

Comments: Chemical horribleness. Yikes. Lingers here for a couple of hours and I didn’t get a chance to scrub. There is a cinnamon note in here that lingers throughout. Best part is between hours 4 and 6 where you get cinnamon, vanilla and woods and the chemicals are very muted. Then – it returns to a very strong sour chemical note with resins in the background. My nose has been picking up and amplifying off aquatic / chemical notes the past couple of days. I remembered liking this. This was NOT a good choice today.

Makeup Alley
Perfume of Life
Nathan Branch

~ by Wendy Wickham on April 21, 2008.

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