Molinard – Habanita

Perfume: Habanita
House: Molinard
Source: Beauty Encounter
Size: 1mL

OsMoz Notes:
Top note : Bergamot, Peach, Strawberry, Orange Blossom
Middle note : Rose orientale, Ylang-Ylang, Orris, lilac
Base note : Leather, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Benzoin

Date: 3/30/08 Weather: 37 degrees, sunny

Comments: A loukhoum scent. Heavy on the nuts and roses. Also some powder. In 10 minutes, pick up a tea-like note and becomes significantly more floral as it dries down. The vanilla/nut note continues to weave through this. 30 minutes in – pipe tobacco, vanilla and powder. 2 hours in – vanilla pipe tobacco with a slight fruity (peach)/spicy (probably the benzoin) tinge. It seems to be wearing much closer to the skin than I would have anticipated. Either that or my nose is still wonky. There is also a slight chocolatey note that appears at this stage. 2hrs 30 minutes – ashtray, some chocolate and “perfume.”

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~ by Wendy Wickham on March 30, 2008.

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