Parfumerie Generale – Louanges

Perfume: Louanges
House: Parfumerie Generale
Source: Luckyscent
Size: 1mL

Luckyscent Notes: Neroli and Hawthorn, Lilly Infusion, Smoke of Incense, Benzoin and Lignum Vitae Wood

Date: 3/28/08 Weather: 45 degrees, clear

Comments: Floral incense. Within 10 minutes, the effect reminds me of and industrially cleaned room. Not entirely unpleasant. 30 minutes in, pick up a lily note that helps to eliminate the “industrial cleaner – flower scent”. 4 hours in – benzoin, amber and flowers. A much prettier drydown. Becomes a floral musk after 5 hours. Gone at 7 hours.

Date: 9/5/08 Weather: 84 degrees, about to rain

Comments: Pick up a very sweet floral note this time (the Neroli Javagreen talks about in the comments?) Then winds up becoming floral musk dryer sheets. There is an ozonic note that gives this impression. Pretty much stays this way for the next 3 hours. Oversprayed with CSP Vanille Amande after 4 hours.

Date: 10/16/08 Weather: 64 degrees, sunny

Comments: White flowers (the neroli dominates here), hint of musk, very brief hint of ozone. It doesn’t feel industrial this wearing but it is still unsettling. Develops a slight woody note about an hour in. Then the lilies really begin to dominate. Still has the woody, musk, ozone thing going. This change is real subtle. Becomes more floral as it dries down. Definitely don’t pick up anything I would define as animalic in this, though there is musk. The whole reads as clean. Gone in 5 hours.

~ by Wendy Wickham on March 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Parfumerie Generale – Louanges”

  1. I got a pleasant Neroli opening which made me think of this PG as being pretty different from the other PG’s I have tried so far. It stayed mild mannered, like you mention, a delicate floral musk. On the drydown however it comnpletely transformed into something animalic, needless to say I was surprised. And I loved it.

    I get about 7-8 hours from it too.

  2. I have to revisit this one. Kinda missed the animalic part the first time around.

    Thrilled you came to visit Javagreen!!!!

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