Alexander McQueen – Kingdom

Perfume: Kingdom
House: Alexander McQueen
Perfumer: Jacques Cavallier
Source: Swap – Taolady (Basenotes)
Size: 10mL EdP Rollerball

OsMoz Notes:
Top note : Calabrian Bergamot, Sicilian Mandarin, Orange, Tunisian Neroli
Middle note : Rose, Indian Jasmine, Cumin, Ginger
Base note : French Vanilla, Indonesian Myrrh

Date: 3/21/08 Weather: 39 degrees, sunny

Comments: Starts with a cumin blast. Then woods appear with the cumin. The effect is one of being in the middle of a pile of good looking clean, yet sweaty, naked men performing acts best left to the imagination. Most of the cumin burns off and sandalwood and a floral note begins to dominate. Within an hour and a half – the cumin is completely gone and you are left with this gorgeous ambery resinous vanilla laced with dry flowers (jasmine) and a myrrh note. Just don’t go out of the house the first 30 minutes you have this on. Still going with the beautiful drydown 10 hours later.

Date: 3/24/08 Weather: 40 degrees, evening

Comments: After letting the cumin burn off for 30 minutes, wore this bowling. No comments from the bowling boys, but I would catch whiffs of that amazing drydown all night. This one is definitely turning into a craver.

Date: 5/28/08 Weather: 70 degrees, clear, evening

Comments: Much more cumin / body odor covered with perfume on this wearing. Took longer to get to the nummy drydown (at least 2 hours). Still like it – but it may be better for colder weather.

Date: 7/22/08 Weather: 85 degrees, humid, evening

Comments: Body odor and perfume. No nummy drydown at all for the 3 hours I was conscious after putting it on. Just very perfumey – jasmine, woods, and “perfume”. Gone the next morning.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on March 22, 2008.

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