Guerlain – Sous le Vent

Perfume: Sous le Vent
House: Guerlain
Perfumer: Jacques Guerlain
Source: The Perfume Court
Size: 1mL EdT

OsMoz Notes:
Top notes: bergamot, lavender, tarragon.
Middle notes: jasmine, carnation, green notes.
Base notes: iris, foresty notes, woody notes

Date: 2/24/08 Weather: 38 degrees, clear

Comments: Starts with bergamot (orangy, earl grey) hit with a bit of a licorice note (from the tarragon, probably). In 10 minutes, still bergamot with more woods and greens – the tarragon note burns off (sadly, I kinda liked it). A spicy note appears. 20 minutes in, gets a tad soapy while the carnation note strengthens. A musky note makes an appearance about 40 minutes in along with the carnations and some iris. Wound up a bit powdery 2 hours in with iris, carnation and woods(some). Still going 6 hours later – carnations, iris and woods with a hint of green and powder. Gone after 8 hours.

Date: 4/29/08 Weather: 50 degrees, clear

Comment: Dry, green, woody. Essentially – moss in a bottle on me today. May be because my nose is out of whack with allergies. About an hour in, there is a creaminess – but still very green and mossy. Missing the Guerlinade in this one.

Retired – Swap to Perfumequeen 7/20/08

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~ by Wendy Wickham on February 24, 2008.

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