Michael Storer – Stephanie

Perfume: Stephanie
Perfumer: Michael Storer
Source: Michael Storer
Size: 2 mL

Notes: Pink pepper, galbanum, angelica root, sambac jasmine, tuberose, chrysanthemum, civet, sandalwood, vetiver

Date: 11/10/07 Weather: 35 degrees, clear

Comments: Starts with pepper and peppery roots. Becomes indolic floral funk. Headache inducing. Had to scrub.

Date: 12/22/07 Weather: 35 degrees and cloudy

Comments: Still starts peppery and green, Becomes a rotting gardenia. Dry, indolic, green. This stuff gets huge raves from others, though, so I’m wondering if there is a note that won’t cooperate with my skin.

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2nd sample received from Taolady 3/14/08
1st sample swapped to Coconut 4/8/08

~ by Wendy Wickham on January 27, 2008.

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