Ayala Moriel – Song of Songs

Perfume: Song of Songs
Perfumer: Ayala Sender
Source: Ayala Moriel
Size: 1mL

Notes: Labdanum, Myrrh, Olibanum Rose Maroc, Rose Otto (Turkey), Saffron Spikenard

Date: 10/11/07 Weather: 50 degrees

Comments: Starts sharp and woody(ish). Becomes woody laced with a bit of rose. An anise note appears throughout the evolution of this scent. I suspect this is more of a labdanum scent, but I’m not familiar enough with the note yet to know. Inoffensive enough, but I feel like I should like this more than I do. Decent office scent, I guess.

Date: 12/23/07 Weather: 45 degrees, foggy

Comments: Starts floral – light/ Becomes woody floral. Roses. A bit of leather. Then myrrh – where it stays for the duration. Nice, not offensive and wearable. Better if you think of this as a myrrh scent rather than a rose scent.

Date: 2/29/08 Weather: 30 degrees, clear

Comments: Roses and a hint of myrrh. Very strong this time (fighting the flu – which seems to be amplifying scents). Then the myrrh eats the roses. Spike kitty sat next to me 5 minutes after I put it on and licked where I had applied it on my wrist. He seems to like it a lot – couldn’t stop him from licking my wrist for a couple of minutes. After 30 minutes, essentially a soft myrrh scent. Gone in 2 hours.

Retired 5/25/08 – Swap to TaoLady

~ by Wendy Wickham on January 20, 2008.

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