Chanel – No. 22

Perfume: No.22
House: Chanel
Perfumer: Ernest Beaux
Source: Gift to Mom from Dad, 1980
Size: 1oz parfum

Notes (from Now Smell This, may refer to the reformulation):
Top notes – aldehydes, white roses, jasmine, tuberose, lily of the valley, lilac, and orange flower.
Heart – orchid and ylang ylang
Base – vanilla, incense, and vetiver

Date: 1/19/08 Weather: 35 degrees and rainy

Comments: First wearing – orange oil and heavy white flowers. Quickly goes into a heavy white flower phase and a bit of rubber. I’m not certain this is an indication of whether the scent has turned. Within 20 minutes, begin to pick up a powder and incense note as the flowers burn off. About 45 minutes in, the scent becomes a dry powder – slightly sour on my skin. Some incense still in there. This stuff is quite strong – particularly at the top.

Date: 5/16/08 Weather: 60 degrees, rainy

Comments: Still get that sharp Chanel aldyhydic top. But finally getting the incense in this one. I suspect that note is being amplified by the Secret Vanilla Chai deoderant I am wearing. Shockingly strong fragrance for a deoderant. The combination, however, really works.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on January 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Chanel – No. 22”

  1. From: Mary Jo Slingerland (
    I have not been able to find this WONDERFUL perfume for my mother for the last 5 years. WHERE CAN I ORDER IT?

  2. I’ve had this particular bottle for almost 20 years. Best bet – decants through the Perfume Court. I think they also re-released this as an exclusive in the Chanel store in Paris for $$$$$. Good luck.

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