Susanne Lang – Red Ginger

Perfume: Red Ginger
Perfumer: Susanne Lang
Source: Luckyscent
Size: 1mL

Luckyscent Notes: bergamot, anise, rose otto, red ginger, carnation, nutmeg, amber, patchouli

Date: 9/7/07 Weather: 75 degrees, evening

Wearing: Whiff of ginger, then becomes a fruity floral. In 5 minutes, develops a tea-like note. In 7 minutes, smells almost like Lipton tea. Within 15 minutes, goes spicy with amber and nutmeg. 30 minutes in – amber and carnations. 45 minutes in – the amber is replaced by nutmeg. In 1 hr and 15 minutes – Rose. 3 hours later – roses and vanilla. Finally fades after 5 hours.

Comments: Wasn’t particularly fond of the top notes. Reminded me of black tea. The dry-down, however, was phenomenal. Amber, carnation and nutmeg about 30 minutes in. Evolved to a nice spicy rose scent 1 hr in. 3 hours later, I can still smell it faintly (average lasting time for EDPs on my skin). Love the fact that this scent continually evolves throughout the wearing.

Date: 9/24/07 Weather: 70 degrees, evening

Comments: a citrusy floral this wearing. Still very tea like.

Date: mid December Weather: N/A

Comments: Registers fruity with a hint of coconut and vanilla. Very tea-like (probably the bergamot). Stronger than expected. Can still smell this 12 hour later. I’m liking this a lot. Sweet carnation, floral, amber. Some complexity. Nice office scent.

Date: 3/12/08 Weather: 50 degrees, clear

Comments: Still fruity with a hint of coconut and vanilla. About an hour in, I did get a green note through it for about an hour. Then it settled back into the carnation/amber thing – with maybe some leftover vanilla from the earlier wearing of Cashmere.

Date: 10/16/08 Weather: 70 degrees, clear, evening

Comments: Fruity, coconut, vanilla, some flowers this time. About 30 minutes in – could smell ginger root, including the slight dusty note of raw, unpeeled ginger. That disappeared back to the tropical fruit and flower thing. I’m guessing that this is what Ms. Lang envisioned Red Ginger flowers should smell like. I don’t remember them being particularly fragranced in my encounters with them. Woke the next morning to a vanillic musk.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on January 13, 2008.

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